A mouse never did this!

The battery cover on the Quest 3’s right hand controller came loose and gouged out a piece of my hand.

I’ve had the Oculus Quest 3 for a few months and, mostly, it’s a lot of fun. I like hanging out in Gatsby’s Bar, until some loudmouth jumps into our conversation. It’s a good thing it was a virtual bar or I might have kicked the guy into the head. But like any chat room, there are folks who are obnoxious because they can be, without many repercussions.

There are also some fun free games, like First Encounters, a mixed reality game that has a spaceship crash through your ceiling and little fuzzy aliens that break through your walls, that you have to blast with your ray gun to catch:

The pass through is in color, instead of black and white, like the Quest 2, which is what make games like that one so engaging. There are also some of the regulars like Beat Saber and Half-Life Alex.

Yeah it costs 500 buck$, but that is a value compared to that Apple-waste-of-time-and-money. I’ve had fun with it. The big problem is the most uncomfortable headset you’ll ever encounter and a sad amount of battery time. Luckily, these can both be remedied with a new headset with a built in battery. If you decide you need one — you will — check around for recommendations.

But today, while playing a Horizon World game called Super Rumble, something felt off in my hand. I thought at first I just had the strap come around, but when it started to sting, I found that my device had done bit me! Countless years on a mouse and keyboard has never spilled any blood, so I was a bit put off. I did write to Oculus Support; those battery covers have come off on me before; they just never took blood tribute.

So now my weapon is bloodied; I might get back in for more shoot-em-up later. I just need to recharge the batteries a bit…