Buh-bye VLC Media Player


I’ve been using this since it came out, and despite some of the issues I had with it, I used it a lot and even recommended it to friends. But the latest version has too many problems and I am ditching it.

The main problem I always had with it was that often did not synch sound with picture. This could be rectified by using the J and K keys to adjust the playback, but what a nuisance. No other media player does this; I’m not sure why they can’t fix that.

Another issue is that, even though it’s in the menu, it doesn’t play Blu-Ray. I followed the instructions given on their site and it works on a few, but mostly you just get errors. I gave up on that and went back to Cyberlink Power DVD, which works but is a big, bloated, over-worked app, which also costs a big chunk of change.

And finally, with the latest version, I have to keep going in to change the video output type, depending on what I’m trying to watch. You would think that Automatic would work, but noooooooo. The final straw has broken the camel’s back. I have no patience for multiple issues in an app that used to work fine.

I have been trying out this:

Image result for leawo blu-ray player

It plays Blu-Ray with no issues and also plays every other media file I’ve tried with it. You can find it here and it is FREE. Try it and let me know what you think.

If this continues to work as well as it does now. I’ll just uninstall VLC.