Some maintenance notices

Here are some notes about updates done on the page.

February 18th — Wow, I haven’t been keeping up with this much. Disqus is back and now appears to work. I removed the Timewaster link from the top menu, as these are Flash games are will soon not be supported by anything/anybody. I added a link to my blog re: My Carnivorous Plant Terrarium, as this will be updated frequently. There is probably more…

August 28, 2018 — Aaaannnddd Disqus is gone again. I cannot track the comments with it, so buh-bye again.

August 26, 2018 — Have added some updates that I hope will speed up the page a bit. I also added Disqus Conditional Load for comments.

September 18, 2017 — I found that registration, password resets and login were not working correctly. One of my plug-ins was causing this, so I nuked it. I’m trying CleanTalk now to block the hundreds of Spam logins and it seems to be working well.

Forums are up. You’ll have to register to post in them, but at least, now you can.

August 21, 2017  I have changed themes, updated some plugins and done the needful maintenance. Forums are still under construction.
Users can now login and register again. Disqus is disabled for now.

August 5th, 2017 – I have installed a forums package, but it is still under construction. Will have it finished by mid-August. ish.

April 28,2017 – This page is going to change focus. A lot of features will remain, but there will be a revamp.

Sep 09/ 2016 — Every day I get 10 – 20 bots registering, so I’ve turned off registration, as I’m tired of having to go in and delete them. You can use Disqus if you want to to comment.

Aug 28/ 2016 — I have installed the Disqus Commenting plugin. You can use that to comment; should not need to register any more.

About 3500 users were purged. Most of them seemed to have been bots. Remember, there is absolutely no need to register unless you want to leave comments. If you do register and do not participate, I’ll assume you are a twig and delete you.

Speaking of which, it appears the plugin I’m using, Jetpack, is not allowing comments, if you are using Internet Exploder 11; Google Chrome is working fine. I have not tested with any other browsers. If you try any of those and they work or do not, please let me know in the comments. If this is not resolved soon, I’ll use a different app.

Any of you who have followed this site at all will notice I have managed to speed it up considerably and that is good. If you ever have issues, leave a comment in this post.

That’s all for now. I’ll update this and put it over to the side when I have more to share.

***Update — I have turned off the comment management in Jetpack. Let me know if you have any problems with any other browsers.