A UTI is absolutely no fun at all

There is pain, then there is PAIN, then there is, YEARRRGGGHHH!

In June 22, I had a cystoscopy performed. This entailed inserting a scope into my urethra and into the bladder so the Urologist can take a look around and that’s all you need to know about that. About a week later, I started having trouble urinating; trouble starting and then a weak stream and trouble emptying my bladder. A couple of days after that I started having some pain trying to pee. They called me in for a urinalisys and the results indicated UTI, so they prescribed an antibiotic.

I started on that on Friday, July 2, but by then, the pain when needing pee was unbearable. Imagine, if you will (and I really hope you never need to do more than imagine it), that some is stabbing you in that tender place with a red hot knitting needle. This lasted for two days and the bad part was that, if I had more than a quarter cup or so in my bladder, it caused enough pain that had to go and endure this several times an hour. For two days. Ibuprofen helped, probably because of its antii-inflammtory effects,more than anything else.

I wouldn’t wish this any anyone. I just don’t have that much hate in me.

By Sunday, the pain was down to just endurable and now, Wednesday, I barely feel it. But something else has come of this.

For the past couple of years, my bladder has been sore, most of the time, and I hd to pee a lot; I rarely could sit through an entire movie. This is why I’ve been to the urologist. I thought maybe it was the BPH  causing pressure on my bladder. The Doctor thought it was an overactive bladder and prescribed some medication that cost 300 buck$ for a 90 day supply. But since taking the antibiotics, the soreness and urgency have disappeared, making me wonder: What if I’ve had a low level bladder infection all this time and procedure caused it to spread, ending in the never-to-be-damned-enough UTI? I may never know. None of the previous urinalises found any bacteria, so there’s that.

The moral of this story is, if you are having bladder issues, get them checked out. It could be many things and there is just no need to suffer for years or have to miss parts of the movie you’ve been waiting for months to see.

I’m going to see Black Widow on Friday. I hope to be able to sit through it without needing to hit the loo right in the middle of it.