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When a software entrepreneur is seriously injured in a car accident, he has his consciousness transferred into a virtual world.

Review 2020 by Flytrap



Starring: Robbie Amell, Andy Allo, Allegra Edwards, Zainab Johnson, Kevin Bigley, Owen Daniels, Andrea Rosen
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Apparently, in the future, you can pay a fee and subscribe to a service that will house your mind when you die, and you can live on, as long as you can afford to pay the charges. When Nathan Brown (Amell) arrives in Lakeside (the virtual world), he finds that his heavenly rewards are very dependent on his Earthly endowment$. There are several subplots here, especially when his “Angel” (Tech Support) starts getting too fond of him.

This was a lot of fun and I ended up bingeing it in two sessions. Everyone is fantastic and the darkness lurking in it is subtle enough that it doesn’t spoil the fun

My one complaint is that the season ended rather abruptly, with nothing really getting resolved. Now we have to wait until the second season (if there is one).

Flytrap rating: 9/10

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