Review | Terminator: Dark Fate


Once again, the future threatens the present.

Review 2019 by Flytrap

Terminator: Dark Fate

Written by: David S. Goyer, Justin Rhodes, Billy Ray

Directed by: Tim Miller

Starring:  Natalia Reyes, Mackenzie Davis, Linda Hamilton, Gabriel Luna, Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Rated R
Running time: 128 Mins

When a girl is being stalked by a ruthless and powerful machine, a crew of defenders gather around her to save her.

OK, first, there is action galore here. In fact, I might say there is too much, as the characters rarely have time to stop and breathe and give us some glimpse into them and what should make us want to care about them. And since they ramped up the action by several notches, the non-stop shooting and flying through the air in various ways starts to get tiring. They keep trying to top the last scene with even more outrageous stunts until I really just stopped caring. Even the final showdown just went on and on and on…

For the most part, the actors were very good. You know Arnie is going to deliver; Davis and Reyes were also very good. But I found Hamilton’s performance as a raspy old harridan to be lacking and un-engaging. They could have done so much more if they had focused as much on character as they did action.

And Luna’s Terminator has to be the klutziest robot the future ever manufactured.

If you must see this, go to a matinee and save a few bucks. There are no post-credit scenes, so you can terminate your viewing when they start to roll.

Flytrap rating: 5.5/10

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