Hit Girl vs Laura X-23 — Who would win?

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If these girls ended up in a battle against each other, who would come out alive?
But that’s not the important question…

When Kick Ass came out in 2010, there was a huge outcry against the violence in the movie, especially of that perpetrated by a little girl. Here’s Mindy’s entrance: (Warning, NSFW for language and explicit violence).

One of the loudest voices booing was Roger Ebert; here is his review:

Roger Ebert’s review

He states, “Will I seem hopelessly square if I find “Kick-Ass” morally reprehensible?” and then goes on and on about the carnage that is dished out by an eleven year old girl. Rereading his review, I still find that he has totally missed the point of the movie, but that’s OK. He was only one of the bigger fish in the ocean of moral outrage about this film.

Now, this clip shows some of Laura in action:

and in some ways, her violence is much more brutal than Hit Girl’s. And if I were counting, I’ll bet that Laura racks up a bigger body count than Mindy did. Go see Logan and tell me.

So my question here is: Will there be a rush of idealistic indignity about the carnage in Logan? In some ways it was more gruesome than in Kick Ass and the body count was way higher. I think not; the film was so highly praised that anyone who dared raise concerns would be shouted down.

Or, maybe our culture has changed so much in seven years that violence inflicted by anyone carries the same weight? That violence has consequences on the dealer is a common theme of both movies.

And, if I were a betting man, I would put my money on Hit Girl. She has a habit of lopping off heads and that would probably do it for the little Wolverine.