Game Review | Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor


Well, to any who have noticed, THIS is the reason for the sparsity of posts lately.
That and the lack of any movies I’ve wanted to spend time and money on.

This is a “sandbox” RPG, meaning there is not fixed progression. You are dropped into the world and you go about doing the quests you want. This means you don’t get stuck on something and cannot proceed; just go do something else and come back to it later. You play a Ranger named Talion who is patrolling around Mordor, mainly killing Uruks. You would think this would get old, but there are enough rewards to keep it interesting. But beware the Graugs; don’t even be tempted, just run.

In fact, that is a large part of this game. Every time you confront a Captain, he has a crapload of orcs with him. So you cut him a few times, shoot him with your bow, run off and hide/heal come back and do it again. A large part of my success was learning to run off and not even try to kill 30 uruks at a time.

After around 35 hours of play, I guess I’m qualified to give an opinion, and I say: Ain’t too shabby! The graphics are stunning, the story is compelling and the game-play is challenging without being too frustrating.

Flytrap’s rating: 8/10

Developer(s) Monolith Productions[1]

Additional work by:[show]

Publisher(s) Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment[1]
Director(s) Michael de Plater
Producer(s) Mike Forgey
Designer(s) Bob Roberts
Chris Hoge

For Windows, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One