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Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Warning, Spoilers abound)

I had some major problems with the way this movie unfolded.

The bits with Luke and Rey and Kylo and Rey and Luke and Kylo were pure gold. I never had any problems with the new Force apps; I really enjoyed them stretching out what the Force can do. And Luke stepping out of the cloud of dust after being blasted by everything they had, then flicking dust off his shoulder almost made the movie worthwhile.

Most of my dislike had to do with Poe Dameron. First, he disobeys orders and gets the Rebellion's fleet of bombers destroyed and a bunch of folks killed. Then he disobeyed orders and mutinied and got most of who was left killed. Then, he lead a stupid assault against that cannon and got yet more folks killed. By the time he was done, there were maybe a dozen rebels left. He single-handedly did more for the First Order than they could do on their own, as they are obviously a bunch of blithering idiots

Poe should be flogged, blasted and spaced. But for some reason, Holdo and Leia like him.  Go figure.