So why do they call me Flytrap?

Not because I eat flies. Well not lately, anyway…

That is the garden in my windowsill. if we zoom in a bit, in the left we see:

At the top left is a nepenthes lavicola, a Sumatran pitcher plant. It did not like my greenhouse, so it’s recovering nicely here. To the lower right of that is a very sick cephalotus follicularis; I thought first it was doing great, then I thought it had died, then it put out some leavies without pitchers, so I’m not sure if it’s gonna live or not.. To the right of those are some butterworts, genus pinguicula, but I have no idea the species of those. The butterworts love to catch and digest fruit flies, which we occasionally get swarms of.

In this view are the same butterworts then to the right, some venus flytraps. You can see that some unwary houseflies have been caught and are being digested. Serves them right. To the right of them is an African sundew, drosera capensis alba. This is a version of d. capensis without any of the cyanins that make the main species purple. Also, growing with the flytraps is drosera binata, the Devil’s Horn sundew. It’s sticky tendrils trap fruit files and small gnats, mostly, but a crane fly got ensared a while back, a tasty snack!

And on the right side are some drosera capensis, the Cape Sundew. These catch larger prey, such as an occasional housefly., like this one that made a poor life choice.

I’ll do another post showing my greenhouse later.