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A meteor crashes into the ground near a farmhouse and weirdness commences.

Review 2019 by Flytrap

Color Out Of Space

Written by: Scarlett Amaris, Richard Stanley. Based on the story by H.P. Lovecraft

Directed by: Richard Stanley

Starring: Nicolas Cage, Joely Richardson, Madeleine Arthur, Elliot Knight, Brendan Meyer, Julian Hilliard, Tommy Chong, Josh C. Waller

Rated R
Running time: 111 Mins

A couple that moved to the country to get away from it all and raise alpacas, finds it all coming to get them. The meteor starts by poisoning the water, then the soil. And then it really gets started!

I like weird and this was more than chillingly creepy enough for me. Cage gets to get his full freak on — and no one can do it better. The special effects are just about perfect, although some of them remind me a bit of Annihilation; eerily colored foliage might need more variance? But all of the performances were spot on.

I’ll recommend this one, but leave the kids — it’ll creep them out. It creeped ME out. There are no post credit scenes, so you can sneak out when they start.

Flytrap rating: 8/10

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