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The big update to the original has hit and it is dandy.


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No Man’s Sky Next


Publisher:  Hello Games

Platforms:  Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, XBox One

Released:  7/24/2017

While this is basically an update of the game, Next is such an overhaul, you might as well call it a sequel. Being able to play in 3rd person view helps immensely. And I’m a BIG fan of the Terrain Manipulator and the way it hoovers up a resource area in under a minute, as opposed to the way the mining beam used to take forever. A plethora of new quests and easier upgrading (plus a much better tutorial) make this game worth playing.

Most of the new stuff is very good; I have a few issues and I’ll detail them below.

This game is definitely not for everyone, but what game is? You can take your time and play for an hour or so at a time, or if you’re retired (like me), you can go crazy all day.

Flytrap rating: 7.5/10

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Some gripes, which I’ll update as I think of them:

The resource areas are too small. I’d liked to get at least one short stack out of each of them.

I’d like to be able to scan the asteroids, so I know what I’m mining. I usually just need tritium and getting gold and silver instead is time-wasting.

When I see an unidentified plant or mineral and hit the scanner, it tends to focus up and to the right of what I was aiming at. Is there a way to fix this?

I often cannot reload the boltcaster or the scattergun when in a fight; running away from the sentinels does not fit my image as an intrepid fearless space warrior!

I have my exosuit inventory organized the way I like it, but when I log back in to start a new day, it is all jumbled up.

When we access our grave, do we really need to have each item detailed as it is added back? As soon as you click on the grave, everything is back. That should be enough.

I would really like a status on the launch thrusters. when I land, as well as when I take off. Nothing is sadder than to try to call the ship and it tells me the jets are dry. A workaround would be to let you tell it refill from wherever you are. You could do that in the old version, IIRC.

Update:  And now it is unplayable. One of the major quests in the game is discovering new planets, cataloging them, naming them, etc. However, in the Discoveries menu, I get this error: You have lost connection to online discovery services and none of the new planets, plants, animals, etc. show up in my lists. I researched this a bit and the consensus is that Hello Games does not have the server capacity to handle the game. I guess I’ll play something else. They already have my money, so it’s no grease off their engines.