Are the Cowboys finished for the year?

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Yeah, I’m afraid that it’s over.

At 5-6, there are only five more games left in the regular season. Now if the Cowboys won every game (not gonna happen) and Philly (10-1) lost all their remaining games (also not happenin’), I might see some hope with both of them at 10-6. But the Boys haven’t been up to snuff this year, in many areas. Without Ezekiel Elliott, they have no running game to speak of. Dak is getting sacked way more than he used to, courtesy of some outages on the offensive line. He doesn’t seem to be able to find the open receivers (when they actually manage to get open), and his entire execution seems lackluster.

On the other side, the defense is allowing way too many points, 270 so far; only Washington and Arizona are worse in the NFC. With Sean Lee out for so many games, the defense lacks the leadership they need to stop runs. And their pass defense is middlin’ to embarrassing.

And having been without their all-star kicker, Bailey, they have missed too many opportunities to at least make something out of a stalled drive.

Oh well, maybe next year.