Four cups of coffee a day might lengthen your life!

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Coffee is the proof that there is magic in the world. Every morning, I pour hot water over these magic beans and they help to bring me back to life.

Now, a new study – presented at the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress in Barcelona, Spain – ups the list of coffee’s potential health benefits. Dr. Adela Navarro, a cardiologist at Hospital de Navarra in Pamplona, Spain explains the motivation for the research, saying, “Previous studies have suggested that drinking coffee might be inversely associated with all-cause mortality, but this has not been investigated in a Mediterranean country.”

A study carried out by Dr. Navarro and her team examined 19,896 participants from the SUN cohort who were 37.7 years old, on average, at the time of enrollment. They recruited university graduates and followed them up with diet and lifestyle questionnaires every 2 years over a 10-year period. The study found that participants who had at least four cups of coffee every day had a 65 percent lower risk of dying from all causes, compared with those who said they never or “almost never” drank coffee.

So fire up that Mister Coffee or that French Press and enjoy; you might live longer.

Here’s a link to the whole article:  MedicalNewsToday