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A nigh-invulnerable super hero teams up with a neurotic accountant to fight the forces of e-ville.

Review 2017 by Flytrap

The Tick

Starring: Peter Serafinowicz, Griffin Newman, Yara Martinez, Valorie Curry, Michael Cerveris, Jackie Earl Haley

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When a nefarious crime ring (but is there any other kind?) starts dealing in high-tech products, the Tick steps in and breaks up their operation, and recruits said accountant by giving him a super suit, that has menus in Polish. This leads to complications.

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Pursued by the persistent, if inept Ms. Lint

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(with a running gag that gets old quickly), they must unravel the mystery that involves a supposedly dead super-villain: the Terror!

This is all good fun and this Tick is the cheerful idiot we all didn’t know we wanted. Newman, as Arthur, is just the right shade of shaky to counter the Tick’s unflappable optimism. Lint and Ramses have some golden moments as goons with attitude and Jackie Earl Haley is as always, one of the best parts of anything he is in.

I’ll recommend this one. The main problem is that the next season won’t be until 2018.

Flytrap rating: 8.5/10

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