Spider-Man: Homecoming will feature at least two villains

Have they not learned from past mistakes?

So far, I’ve heard we’ll have The Vulture (Adrian Toomes), played by Michael Keaton and Michael Chernus will play The Tinkerer, a twisted but genius inventor who designs advanced weaponry for criminals. No word if there are more bad guys in the wings. (Get it? Vulture, wings…)

This has not worked out well in the past, as too many villains tends to water down the evil gravy. One Green Goblin, one Doc Ock worked out very well in the original run, but the third movie was a mess with trying to keep on track with so many distractions. I think they should either keep the Tinkerer as a bit character (which he always has been in the comics). I’m hoping for the best, but I am skeptical.
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