Review: The Lone Ranger

Review 2013 by RD Clark


The Lone Ranger

Written by: Justin Haythe, Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio
Directed by: Gore Verbinski

Starring: Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer, William Fichtner, Ruth Wilson, Bryant Prince, Tom Wilkinson, Helena Bonham Carter

Rated PG-13
Running time: 149 Mins

The lone survivor of an ambush teams up with an Indian to hunt down the man who killed his brother, to bring him to justice.

This movie has a lot going for it, mostly from Tonto and Silver. There are some wildly funny moments and some good action bits. Fichtner, as, Butch Cavendish did the evil scumbag very well, but Carter had not much more than a couple of walk-ons and was mostly wasted. Wilson and Prince, as the mother and son in constant jeopardy, were charming enough, but most of the rest of the cast were

However, I have to ask: Why do some filmmakers these days feel the need to screw up a legendary figure? Is a competent, self-assured hero not good enough anymore? Obviously not; watch any Marvel movie. I was getting “Green Hornet” deja vu from this movie. At least they didn’t turn the Hero into an executioner; they just made him a goofball.

I’ll give this one a mild recommendation, but go to a matinee. There is scene that rolls with the credits, but watch the first thirty seconds and you’ll see all there is worth seeing.

Flytrap rating: 6/10

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