Review: Seven Psychopaths

Review 2012 by RD Clark





Seven Psychopaths

Written by: Martin McDonagh

Directed by: Martin McDonagh

Starring: Christopher Walken, Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, Woody Harrelson, Linda Bright Clay, Tom Waits and many others

Rated R
Running time: 109 mins

A struggling screenwriter comes up with a movie title, but not much else. His two buddies steal dogs and then return them for the reward. When they steal a Shih Tzu that belongs to a gangster with extreme anger issues, they get more plot than anyone would want.

This is the second movie-about-a-movie out this weekend and this one is a doozie, a very dark comedy. Nothing predictable happens; we are kept guessing and nothing turns out the way we would expect. Christopher Walken is superb (of course) as is everyone. The screenplay, from Martin McDonagh, who also wrote In Bruges, is one of the freshest I’ve seen all year.

I highly recommend this one, but for adults; I would not take the kids. Drop them off to see Frankenweenie. There is a scene a few moments after the credits roll, so don’t miss that.

Flytrap rating: 9 /10

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