A Commodore 64 do-over is being released

The C64 release date and price revealed, get the reimagined Commodore 64 by Christmas

Someone’s nostalgia is running rampant, as they are releasing an “updated” version of my middle age addiction.

Developed by Retro Games and dubbed the C64, this jewel will play classic Commodore games in 720p, so no Pitfall Harry in 4k, so sorry. You will be able to load games via a USB port and has a BASIC emulator pre-installed, so you can revisit the the joys of coding apps that convert Fahrenheit to Centigrade. It also comes with a micro-switch classic joystick. There are some installed games, but I don’t have a list yet.

The price is nice: $109.00 and dammit, I’ll probably buy it. You can pre-order it here

Once I get it, I’ll review it if I ever stop playing Donkey Kong. I hope the power supply is better than the original.

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