Review — Freemake Video Converter

I downloaded the free trial of this app back in January and it did work…until I paid for the full package.

However, after a few tries it suddenly started crashing as soon as I told it to burn a DVD. I tried multiple times, with new DVDs and different files and the only thing consistent was that it would fail every frickin’ time. A few times it would start to work and then crash, which wasted DVDs.

Their technical support consisted of multiple emails telling me to do the same thing: uninstall it, delete registry files (not something I would recommend for most users), reinstall and then install a log file so they can see what is causing the issue. I am not comfortable with the latter; they say they are not collecting anything personal and maybe they aren’t, but I’m not doing this.

There are a plethora of software apps for converting and burning DVDs. I’ll try something else. If you find something reliable, please let me know.

PS: Their website claims 93 million users? Really? Color me skeptical.