The best and worst movies I saw in 2017

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I don’t get to go see that many movies during the years and I don’t go see them just to review them. When I do see one, I’ll very briefly share my thoughts and opinions and let my readers take it from there.

I go into every movie hoping it will be a 10/10 and then subtract points when it annoys me. There were some very good (I enjoyed them) and some very bad (I did not enjoy them) movies last year. Following is my list:

The Bad:

In no particular order:

Image result for the mummy 2017

Big fail all around. This one never got over its own silliness and ever Tom Cruise couldn’t save it.



Image result for alien covenant

Long mono-logging and smart people doing stupid things.



Image result for mother film 2017

An attempt at avant-garde that turned out to be confusing and laughable.



Image result for Blade Runner 2049

Overlong, slow and self important, never really all that engaging.



The Good:

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A perfect movie, hits every beat. Frances McDormand is amazing, as is everyone else.



Image result for jumanji welcome to the jungle

Surprisingly good, especially with Jack Black playing a teen-aged diva trapped in a middle-aged fat man’s body.


Image result for thor ragnarok

A Marvel Movie with tons of heart and hilarity. We needed one of these.


It Chapter 2

Very good and pretty scary adaptation of the novel. Don’t watch IT in the dark.


Image result for wonder woman movie

I’ve been a fan of Wonder Woman almost since I could read, and this was the best telling of her story yet.


Image result for logan movie

So exciting at times, you forget how grim it is. And Dafne Keen nails it as Laura, who is more murdery than the Wolverine.


Image result for get out movie

Get Out is one of those novelties: A movie that never, ever takes itself all that seriously, while being excellently scary and quirky.