Review: Veronica Mars

Review 2014 by RD Clark


Veronica Mars

Written by: Rob Thomas, Diane Ruggiero

Directed by: Rob Thomas

Starring: Kristen Bell, Enrico Colantoni, Jason Dohring, Krysten Ritter, Ryan Hansen, Percy Daggs III, Chris Lowell, Tina Majorino
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Rated PG-13
Running time: 1hr 47 mins

Veronica has managed to put her “teen-age detective” ways behind. Having escaped from the hell that is Neptune, California, she is living in New York, about to take her Bar exam and go to work for a highfalutin law firm and maybe marry Piz. Her life is on its way up, when she gets a call from Logan with those five, deadly words: “Veronica, I need your help.”

This is good fun, especially for the fans of the TV series. Kristen Bell drops perfectly back into character as the danger addict, looking for clues. Dohring is a bit more restrained as Logan, but Ryan Hansen is still hilariously Dickish. There is mystery and menace enough to keep this moving well, even if you never saw the original series.

I could not find a showing closer than about forty miles away. Luckily, Amazon had the digital download and I took advantage of that. There is a bit of naughtiness that some might want to screen before letting the kids watch it. One mid-credits scene (mildly amusing) and one audio near the end of the credits. Have fun, you marshmallows!

Flytrap rating: 8/10

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