Review: Frankenweenie

Review 2012 by S Lillie




Written by: Leonard Ripps, John August, Tim Burton

Directed by: Tim Burton

Starring: Charlie Tahan, Catherine O’Hara, Martin Short, Winona Ryder, Martin Landau, Atticus Shaffer

Rated PG
Running time: 87 mins

Frankenweenie is the story of how far a young Victor Frankenstien will go when his one and only friend, his dog Sparky, meets his demise. Victor’s uses his science expertise to bring Sparky back. His classmates find out what he has done, and attempt to duplicate it, and end up bringing about chaos and destruction instead.

Frankenweenie is about a nerdy, science-loving kid who saves the day by using his brain and his best friend, Sparky, his dog. This is the first type of kids movie I have seen like this, of course there’s Frankenstein, which I think this story is loosely based off of. People who have seen “Van Helsing” will recognize some of the scenes as well (for those who may not have seen Frankenstien). I love how the movie was done in black and white, it makes you think that it was made a long time ago, just like the original black and white movies.

I really enjoyed this movie; although it isn’t one of Tim Burton’s best movies, I’d say it’s one of his top 10. I wouldn’t say spend the money to go see it at night, but it would make a good mattinee movie, and from what I heard in the theater, the kids were really enjoying it.

Flytrap rating: 7.5 /10

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