Review: Dredd 3D

Review 2012 by S Lillie



Dredd 3D

Written by: Alex Garland (screenplay) Carlos Ezquerra & John Wagner (characters)

Directed by: Pete Davis

Starring: Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby, Lena Headey, Wood Harris

Rated R
Running time: 95 min

In the future, America is a wasteland. The 800 million people reside on the East Coast, running from Boston to DC, called Mega City One, where criminals rule the streets. The only hope of order lies with the urban cops called “Judges” who have the privilege of being judge, jury and instant executioner. They are challenged with responding to over 16,000 incidents per day, the most dangerous is a drug called “Slo-Mo” where users experience reality at a fraction of its normal speed.
Let me preface this with two things: first- you cannot compare this movie to the previous Judge Dredd with Stallone, as this is not a remake; second- I’m not big into 3D movies, but since the 3D version was pretty much the only one showing, that’s the one seen.
With that said, Karl(Dredd) does a great job of stepping into the bad-ass Judge role. He is brought in to “judge” Olivia(Anderson), aka Rookie as she is referred to repeatedly in this movie, during her assessment to determine if she has what it takes to be a Judge. She is what one would expect from a beginner; thinking she can make a difference in the world by becoming a judge, but has a quite a rude awakening during the course of the movie. Lena (MAMA) takes the evil drug-lord to a whole new level…I won’t tell any of the good stuff!
I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, the specials are amazing, although they’d be just as awesome without the 3D up-charge. I think the writers came up with some interesting twists to the movie, but I’m keeping my mouth shut! So for anyone who wants an action-packed, shoot ’em up, explosion laden experience, you will love this movie.

Badkittie Rating: 8/10

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